BuzzFeed & Nonprofit Cook Up Campaign to #FightDirty Drinking Water

June 16, 2016 - Essential Water


There’s Something in a Water / Keoni Cabral

June 13, 2016; AdWeek

What goes into your morning smoothie? How about some greens, a handful of berries, half of an avocado, and unwashed H2O with a hold of Hepatitis A? For distant too many places around a world, polluted, unwashed H2O and the concomitant diseases that float in it, such as Hepatitis A, salmonella, and a norovirus, are an bland biohazard. Tasty, a food video prolongation member of BuzzFeed, and Charity: Water, a nonprofit focused on augmenting accessibility to uninformed water, have teamed adult in a #FightDirty debate to lift recognition for this open health crisis. Unlike other campaigns, however, this proceed only competence be artistic adequate to locate and keep your attention. 

Following Flint, Americans are not totally unknown with a realities of a purify H2O crisis. However, a earnest of a conditions still escapes a bargain of some of a Western, grown world. According to a World Health Organization and UNICEF, about 663 million people, or 1 in 10 people around a world, miss entrance to protected celebration water.

DigitasLBi, a selling and record agency, constructed a special three-video array as partial of a #FightDirty debate in partnership with BuzzFeed and Charity: Water. The array tries to visually illustrate how essential H2O is to a bland lives. As with Tasty’s other videos, this array facilities how-to videos for 3 opposite recipes, with a unwashed H2O twist: Typhi (infectious disease) Superfood Smoothies, Hirundea (leeches) Lemonade and Skillet Cornbread with Anabaena (toxic algae). Complete with a same upbeat music, visuals, and structure of BuzzFeed’s other Tasty videos, this array looks most like other food prolongation videos we come opposite on amicable media. Indeed, a spectator informed with a BuzzFeed videos competence not even notice something is wrong until a really end.

For example, only in time for summer, a array includes a how-to video for creation lemonade. However, reinstate a purify H2O with unwashed H2O churned with hirudinea, or leeches. The video instructs that a lemonade splash should be served with a hang on a side, “to transparent a leeches from your throat.” The recipes also embody directions to aria a leeches before portion a beverage. At a end, a spectator is left with a brief, though effective statement, “Dirty H2O isn’t tasty. For 663 million, it’s deadly.”

Another video shows a routine of creation cornbread, with a singular further of anabaena, poisonous algae in a H2O that, when cooked, apparently leaves a routinely yellow cornbread beat splattered with green, slimey blotches. The video is adequate to leave we queasy, though give it a watch, anyway.

These videos from BuzzFeed are routinely peppered via a newsfeeds on Facebook and dashboards on Twitter, giving this array a dark clarity of realism. Most of us wouldn’t second-guess adding H2O to a recipe since purify H2O is a tack in a lives. According to Charity: Water’s code calm personality Tyler Riewer, this was a suspicion routine behind crafting a campaign. They wanted to “catch people in an bland impulse and pierce people into reality. Each of these videos unpacks what it looks like to have unwashed H2O as a partial of your life.”

The videos do yield some educational element to communicate a context of a crisis, though a bid could be improved. The videos are on Charity: Water’s YouTube page; however, there is no outline for a videos, nor do they couple behind to a nonprofit’s site. Moreover, ironically, while creation a video about unwashed water, there is a fundamental counterbalance of a volume of food rubbish that was produced.

However, framing a emanate in these enchanting and normalized videos is innovative and rather embarrassingly effective. As remarkable by AdWeek, “‘Fight Dirty’ aims to pierce divided from a probability of shame tripping viewers with cloying work to lift donations for purify H2O around a world.”

NPQ has lonesome a benefits and downfalls of misery porn, which, nonetheless it competence be effective, is still ethically controversial in how it generates donations. As charities continue to adjust in a digital age and contest to safeguard their means attracts a right volume of attention, this video array and a message, will expected hang with a viewer.—Shafaq Hasan

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