BPU Wants to Fund Back-Up Energy-Storage Projects to Tune of $3 Million

October 27, 2014 - Essential Water

BPU Dianne Solomon

The state wants to endowment adult to $3 million to energy-storage projects, a process officials contend could assistance government, commercial, and industrial comforts have a backup appetite source in a eventuality a normal appetite grid fails during an impassioned storm.

In a questionnaire authorized final week by a New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, a group is charity a financial incentives to developers with energy-storage systems related to renewable-energy projects that yield onsite appetite to facilities. The income comes out of a state’s Clean Energy Fund, that is financed by a surcharge on application customers’ bills.

Because many renewable-energy technologies, quite solar and wind, are few sources of providing appetite — a object does not always gleam and a breeze does not always blow — a storage systems are noticed as essential to assisting a state grasp a assertive renewable-energy goals.

The state wants New Jersey to furnish 22.5 percent of a electricity from renewables by 2020, though clean-energy advocates are pulling a check in a Legislature that would ramp adult that aim to 80 percent by 2050, a idea some perspective as unrealistic.

Successful energy-storage systems are still underneath development, though if a state is going to aggressively boost how most of a electricity comes from renewable sources, they are deemed as essential to progressing a trustworthiness of a electric appetite grid.

According to BPU officials, a agency’s offer “will eventually advantage New Jersey ratepayers’’ by providing backup appetite for essential services, offsetting rise loads by changeable electricity to hours of aloft demand, and assistance stabilise a electric placement system.

The offer would prioritize comforts that are tangible as “public and critical,’’ with a idea of demonstrating a intensity for appetite storage from renewable-energy systems to keep them handling during appetite outages.

“This is an exciting solicitation,’’ pronounced BPU Commissioner Dianne Solomon, observant a emanate of appetite storage has turn one of inhabitant interest.

Energy storage emerged as a outrageous emanate during Hurricane Sandy in Oct 2012. Wastewater diagnosis plants flooded, spilling billions of galls of untreated sewage into a state’s waterways. Drinking-water systems also mislaid power, heading to dozens of boil-water advisories for customers.

In sequence to widespread out a cost of a financial incentives over as many projects as possible, a questionnaire says field can ask a limit of $500,000 per project, or 30 percent of a project’s sum commissioned cost.

Applications for a financial incentives contingency be submitted by Dec 8, 2014, with a staff recommendation to a BPU commissioners approaching someday in January.

In further to a energy-storage solicitation, a house also authorized a $3 million offer to inspire developers to install biopower projects onsite. Biopower uses organic materials from plants and animals to furnish electricity. Without a incentives, such projects could not pierce forward, according to a agency’s solicitation.

The dual solicitations start only as a BPU has begun usurpation applications from wastewater diagnosis plants and drinking-water systems to account $64 million in projects to make those comforts some-more resilient, so they continue to work in a eventuality of large storms like Sandy.

The income would come out of a new Energy Resiliency Bank that has been saved by a $200 million extend from a sovereign government. The first allocation of funds will be distributed to a wastewater diagnosis plants and drinking-water systems that gifted prolonged outages during Hurricane Sandy.

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