Back to life’s basics: 5 reasons to be grateful for water.

November 13, 2017 - Essential Water

This post is brought to we in partnership with Charlotte Water and a I Heart Water NC initiative. All opinions are a own.

This month, we all accumulate with family and friends to remind ourselves of a things in life for that we are thankful. But one of a many critical elements is mostly left out: water.

This week, we Heart Water NC reminds us of all a smashing aspects of water, and since we should be grateful for a city’s H2O system. I Heart Water NC is a corner plan between Charlotte Water, Healthy Weight Healthy Child and Mecklenburg County Public Health.

  1. Water is an essential component of life. We need it to furnish all of a food, including a tasty turkeys, yams, potatoes, and other Thanksgiving fare. For instance, a singular bruise of maize (or corn) takes a tellurian normal of about 161 gallons to produce. This interactive guide shows we usually how many H2O we need to make a food we love.
  2. Despite how many H2O we need to make a food, daub H2O supposing by Charlotte Water is cheap. In fact, it costs reduction than a penny per gallon, so keep stuffing adult that reusable H2O bottle and save income as good as a planet.
  3. Many of us are already worrying about how to conflict a enticement of mounds of tasty Thanksgiving food. Water can assistance put those fears to rest! Drinking H2O helps say a healthy weight by gripping your physique feeling full so we don’t overeat or splurge on a turkey slices this holiday season.
  4. Water is reliable. We’ve all been there: streamer to a splash appurtenance usually to see those dreaded words… SOLD OUT. Through Charlotte Water, Charlotteans have entrance to around-the-clock refreshment. Just spin a doorknob and enjoy!
  5. Perhaps a many critical care for many this holiday deteriorate is a fact that H2O helps quarrel fatigue. Don’t skip out on good Black Friday sales since you’re in a turkey daze. Instead, strech for a nearest daub and declare how fast your physique feels revived and awake.

Clean celebration H2O travels invariably by 4,200 miles of pipes via Charlotte, and this deteriorate is a ideal time to anticipate how critical that H2O is to all aspects of a life.

Whether it’s staying healthy, flourishing food or gripping us energized, H2O is always accessible for a needs. That’s positively something to be grateful for.

Want to learn some-more about a we Heart Water NC initiative? Click here for some-more information.

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