Assemblyman Roger Hernández faces new accusations of domestic assault in court

May 26, 2016 - Essential Water

The disloyal mother of Assemblyman Roger Hernández (D-West Covina) indicted him of assaulting her some-more than 20 times over a final 3 years at a divorce justice conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Baldwin Park City Councilwoman Susan Rubio, who is seeking a domestic assault confining sequence opposite Hernández, detailed 8 episodes of purported assault during her testimony, including one in which she pronounced Hernández choked her with a belt and another in that she pronounced he “dropped” her on a building and beat her with a broom.

Rubio testified that during one evidence Hernández indicted her of carrying an affair, retrieved a blade from a kitchen, held a blade over her control and told her, “Keep talking, watch what happens,” before subsidy divided from her.

Hernández, who was during a hearing, declined to criticism by his lawyer, Donald Schweitzer. In his opening statement, Schweitzer indicted Rubio of entrance brazen with a allegations to hurt Hernández’s domestic career.

The representative is severe Rep. Grace Napolitano (D-Norwalk) for her 32nd Congressional District chair in California’s Jun 7 primary. Rubio’s sister, Blanca Rubio, is using for a Assembly chair Hernández is leaving since of tenure limits.

In court, Susan Rubio said Hernández indicted her of “hooking up” with state Sen. Ben Hueso (D-San Diego) when Rubio and Hernández went on a outing to Rosarito, Mexico, for her birthday with Hueso and his wife. Rubio pronounced Hernández was dissapoint that she and Hueso had distant from a others while horseback roving on a beach. She indicted her disloyal father of pulling her when a other integrate weren’t looking.

A mouthpiece for Hueso pronounced that he remembered a outing though that there was no quarrel and Rubio and Hernández never argued. Hueso denied any claim of an affair.

Rubio also alleged Hernández yelled during her for “ignoring” him during a separate trip to a Rosarito booze festival with other members of the Legislature. She pronounced he stepped on her toe so tough that her toenail broke. He threatened to chuck booze on her if she did not stop great before other lawmakers saw her, she said.

“So we only hold a pain,” Rubio said in court.

Rubio testified she attempted to disguise bruises by wearing prolonged sleeves and turtleneck shirts. She pronounced she urged Hernández to find veteran help.

“I desired him,” she said.

In a May 3 declaration, Hernández denied progressing allegations by Rubio when she sought a proxy confining sequence opposite him.

“I would never rivet in a form of control respondent has indicted me of committing,” he pronounced in a justice document.

Schweitzer pronounced he would not comment on the box until he was means to review Rubio during a subsequent justice conference on Jun 9. The temporary confining sequence exclusive Hernández from contacting Rubio stays in place until then.

Times staff author Liam Dillon contributed to this report.

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