Ani DiFranco, ‘Allergic to Water’

October 12, 2014 - Essential Water

Ani DiFranco’s biggest benefaction — some-more than her restlessness, some-more than her urgency, some-more than her domestic passion — is how approach a communicator she is. More than once on “Allergic to Water,” she finds a razor-thin overlie between clearly exclusive ideas, and claims a position that’s not only clearly settled though tenable. The pretension lane explains how a thing she needs to live is also a thing that’s murdering her, all but perfectionist (or inadvertently prompting) pity, while she creates a personal choice in “Happy All a Time” but dismissing a bad things really most benefaction all around her. Her subsidy is insinuate and lusciously sympathetic, with Todd Sickafoose’s drum expel as a blood pumping by a playful, post-coital lazing of “Tr’w” and a disarmingly infrequent divorce strain “Harder Than It Needs to Be.” Just before a final hymn of final strain “Rainy Parade,” DiFranco takes a exhale and exhales, too distant forward of a verse to be incidental. It is what it is, all by itself. (Out Tuesday)

ESSENTIAL “Allergic to Water“

Ani DiFranco performs during a Berklee Performance Center on Nov. 20.

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