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March 16, 2015 - Essential Water

LONDON, March 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

Anglo American published a 14th annual Sustainable Development Report today, detailing a tellurian diversified mining company’s sustainability opening for 2014. The concentration of this year’s news is effective partnerships and partnership with pivotal stakeholders, that Anglo American believes are essential for a tolerable destiny for a mining industry.

Sir John Parker, Chairman of Anglo American, commented: “One of a biggest hurdles confronting Anglo American, and a mining attention as a whole, is reconciling a opposite views and concerns of a stakeholders about how mining should be conducted. At Anglo American, we trust a resolution lies in forging a effective partnerships we need to build safe, tolerable businesses and safeguard long-term shareholder value.

“We trust in a advantages of a smarter proceed though this does not meant handling alone. Our sustainability opening is vicious to a ability to expostulate value for all of a stakeholders – we simply will not be means to make swell unless we can take a pivotal constituencies along with us on of a journey. We contingency all be in this together.”

Mark Cutifani, Chief Executive of Anglo American, welcomed a report, commenting: “Our prophesy of long-term partnership with a stakeholders reflects a faith that, for us to be successful, we need to co-create a new understanding around a core mining business.  We will usually be means to continue to broach earnings to shareholders if, in a eyes of a pivotal stakeholders, we continue to build on this prophesy by delivering value to and with broader society. Getting this right is ‘mission-critical’ for Anglo American if we are to make a certain disproportion and grasp that prophesy of being partners in a future.”

Safety: Providing a protected and healthy workplace is a initial priority.

  • Throughout 2014, Anglo American finished swell towards a idea to grasp 0 mistreat in a workplace. Our mislaid time damage magnitude rate softened for a third uninterrupted year by 29%. However, many some-more work needs to be done.
  • In 2014, 4 employees and dual contractors mislaid their lives in work-related activities during operations managed by Anglo American. While this represents an alleviation in numbers, any detriment of life is unsuitable to us. We continue to dedicate substantial bid to achieving, and maintaining, 0 harm. We worked 4 months fatality-free in 2014, that reinforces a faith that 0 mistreat is achievable.
  • Over a 12 month period, Anglo American focused on lifting recognition of protected pushing practices and improving highway infrastructure by highway reserve lectures, meetings and workshops during a Niobium and Phosphates businesses in Goiás state, Brazil. The devise has contributed to extended highway reserve in a area, with a 70% rebate in a series of lives mislaid over a debate period.

Enterprise Development: Supporting a expansion of new businesses is recognized as one of a many effective means of ensuring that communities advantage from mining over a long-term.

  • Since 2008, we have upheld 96,873 jobs, supposing some-more than $100 million in appropriation and upheld 58,257 SMEs inside and outward a supply chains.  
  • Our craving expansion programmes are designed to encourage entrepreneurs’ intensity to build internal ability and to safeguard that a internal economy is means to broach opportunities even after cave closure.
  • Our timeless schemes – Zimele in South Africa and Emerge in Chile – have upheld 38,300 jobs. Based on a knowledge with these schemes, we grown a best-practice model, that we used to exercise identical schemes in Botswana and Brazil in 2013, and in Peru in 2014.
  • These 3 programmes have upheld 1,588 jobs in 2014. We aim to support an additional 3,000 jobs by a finish of 2015 and tighten to 10,000 by a finish of 2016.

Water: With some-more than 70% of a mines located in H2O stressed areas, H2O is some-more critical than ever to Anglo American.

  • In 2014, for a second year running, we exceeded a 2020 H2O assets aim of 14%. By a finish of 2014, we had achieved an estimated 16% H2O saving opposite a projected H2O usage.
  • Anglo American’s sum H2O expenditure decreased from 201 million cubic metres in 2013 to 195 million cubic metres in 2014. This rebate was essentially achieved by aloft levels of H2O recycling during a Los Bronces copper cave in Chile, a singular prolongation during Platinum’s Rustenburg operations during a strike, as good as H2O assets achieved by a doing of a Water Efficiency Target Tool (WETT) programme.
  • Of a sum operational H2O requirements, 69% were met by recycling/re-using water.

Health: Managing health risks protects Anglo American’s employees and communities, enhances productivity, and helps to safeguard a long-term destiny of a business.

  • In 2014, Anglo American continued to expostulate improvements opposite a occupational health and village health programmes by focusing on creation and partnerships.
  • Testing is a vast member of a extensive wellness programme of prevention, care, support and diagnosis for HIV and AIDS. In 2014, we tested and counselled scarcely 110,000 employees and contractors in South Africa and Zimbabwe.
  • During a year, 86% of a full-time workforce participated in testing, that means that Anglo American is coming a UNAIDS aim that 90% of people vital with HIV should know their standing by 2020.

Climate Change and Energy: Climate change poses a poignant business challenge. Energy and policy-associated costs are rising, consumer direct for products is changing, and a hazard of a earthy impact of meridian change on operations and horde communities is escalating.  

  • A sum of 325 projects finished to date accounted for appetite assets of 4.3 million GJ, homogeneous to a 5% rebate opposite a projected appetite expenditure in 2014, shortening a appetite cost by $105 million.
  • Similarly, a hothouse gas emissions reduced by 4.2 million tonnes.  This means we are in strech of a altogether targets for hothouse gas (GHG)-emission and energy-consumption reductions – 19% and 7% respectively, by 2015.

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Notes to editors: 

Anglo American is a tellurian and diversified mining business that provides a tender materials essential for mercantile expansion and complicated life. Our people are during a heart of a business. It is a people who use a latest technologies to find new resources, devise and build a mines and who mine, routine and pierce and marketplace a products – from bulk line and bottom metals to changed metals and diamonds (through De Beers) – to a business around a world. Our diversified portfolio of products spans a mercantile expansion cycle and, as a obliged miner, we are a custodians of changed resources. We work together with a pivotal partners and stakeholders to clear a long-term value that those resources paint for a shareholders, though also for a communities and countries in that we work – formulating tolerable value and creation a genuine difference. Our mining operations, expansion projects and scrutiny and selling activities extend opposite southern Africa, South America, Australia, North America, Asia and Europe.

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