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December 17, 2014 - Essential Water

BOSTON, Dec. 17, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Desalitech, a provider of high potency H2O treatment, is assisting businesses, farmers and municipalities fist some-more out of abating H2O reserve while shortening glass rubbish prolongation – and they pledge their products can do it best. The association solidified a purpose currently as an attention personality with a limit H2O liberation pledge on all a products.

Recovery is an attention tenure for a volume of H2O constructed when treating salt H2O or brackish H2O with retreat osmosis. While many retreat inhalation systems offer 75 percent recovery, Desalitech’s products offer adult to 98 percent recovery.

The pledge comes on a heels of a proclamation progressing this month of an $11 million oversubscribed investment turn for Desalitech. 2014 enclosed other poignant milestones, including deals with Veolia, Coca Cola, and other Fortune 500 companies; expanding a tellurian footprint of projects around a world; and achieving superb opening as a H2O resolution provider for scarcely 6 years.

“Increased H2O nonesuch poses one of a many vicious tellurian hurdles of a time – nonetheless many solutions tumble brief with additional H2O waste, high appetite expenditure and not adequate flexibility,” pronounced Desalitech Executive Vice President, Richard L. Stover Ph.D. “Desalitech is heading a approach by providing choice solutions that pledge some-more H2O and reduced appetite expenditure and waste. What used to be wastewater is now a new source of H2O supply. We have a formula to uncover for it.”

Desalitech’s industrial retreat inhalation systems are assisting clients cope with drought and H2O shortages in California and opposite a globe. Desalitech is means to singly pledge this limit H2O liberation and therefore minimize rubbish of H2O and rubbish generation. The company’s ReFlex retreat inhalation systems lead a attention by other vicious metrics, including shortening H2O rubbish by adult to 75 percent and appetite expenditure by 35 percent. The particular pattern of these products likewise allows for unmatched trustworthiness and coherence – elucidate a problem that plagues normal retreat inhalation systems.

With attention obliged for scarcely 60 percent of all freshwater withdrawals in a U.S. and other grown countries and with increasing magnitude of H2O necessity crises globally, fit industrial H2O diagnosis and wastewater reuse is essential. By replacing a 900 gallon per notation normal retreat inhalation complement with ReFlex retreat inhalation system, over 130 million gallons, adequate for over 375,000 people, can be saved each year, translating to an annual assets of over $1.5 million of water, wastewater and appetite costs.

About Desalitech:

Desalitech provides high potency H2O diagnosis for industrial, rural and wastewater reuse and thoroughness applications. Its next-generation ReFlex™ Reverse Osmosis products underline law CCD™ record – a rarely efficient, arguable and stretchable H2O diagnosis platform. The CCD routine typically reduces rubbish by 50 to 75 percent and appetite expenditure by adult to 35 percent, saving poignant handling costs. Desalitech is unapproachable to be headquartered in Newton, MA and manufactures a products in a USA.

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