7 Essential Skin Care Products To Use During The Cold Spell

February 27, 2018 - Essential Water

With a supposed ‘Beast from a East’ prepared to strike a country, we’ve got to demeanour after a skin. Freezing winds and sleet are approaching to final via a week, all of that can dry out your skin, causing unpleasant burst lips and hands. The Arctic continue won’t be a usually thing wreaking massacre on your physiognomy – so too will synthetic feverishness sources in your home and office. Some heaters can siphon all a dampness out of a atmosphere – pulling a dampness from your face in a process. However, there are lots of products we can use to strengthen yourself. Here are 10 of a favourites:

Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Water Gel Concentrate 48ml, €45

This oil-free and fragrance-free H2O jelly is suitable for all skin types. It hydrates desiccated skin by 179% and can keep a skin wet for adult to 24 hours. Water-binding ingredients, including hyaluronic poison fragments and activated aloe H2O will leave your skin feeling plump no matter what a weather.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 30ml, STG £5.90

In a purest form, hyaluronic poison can reason 1,000 times a possess weight in water, so when practical to your face a dampness lasts all day long. This oil-free and purse-friendly diagnosis penetrates low into a skin’s layers to keep it nourished via a cold-spell. Simply request a few drops to your face in a morning and dusk before cream. It’s now accessible to sequence online from all good UK beauty sites.

Bobbi Brown Skin Moisture Solution No. 86 – Intense Rehydration Compound 14ml, €35


Similar to The Ordinary hyaluronic poison product above, this Bobbi Brown regulation quenches exceedingly desiccated and worried skin. This is quite good for skin that’s been dusty out from synthetic feverishness as it binds dampness to a skin’s surface.

Clarins SOS Refreshing Hydration Mask, €38

This moisturising facade has been described by many as a ‘bath for desiccated skin’. Its lovely gel-cream regulation delves low into your skin’s layers to leave it feeling supple, well-spoken and healthy. Simply leave it on for 10 mins before rinsing. 

La Mer Lip Balm, €60

 The lips are arguably a many ethereal partial of a face, and but a reliable mouth caring product, they’re most defenseless opposite a cold. This La Mer mouth relief is infused with sea extracts, botanicals and vitamins to keep your simper good and healthy. It helps to correct sore, chapped lips as good as safeguarding them from serve damage.

MAC Lip Scrubtious, €15.50

If your lips have already succumbed to a oppressive continue this week, give this MAC mouth dumpy a go. The sugar-based exfoliator kindly buffs divided dry and flaky skin. Its regulation contains hydrating and nutritive conditioners, so you’ll be left with soft, movable lips that are prepared for moisturiser or mouth balm.

NAILS INC Thirsty Hands Cream, €18

Enriched with H2O lily flower extract, Vitamin B5 and argan oil, this moisturising palm cream leaves skin soothing and hydrated. It’s simply absorbed, definition a essential oils will dig your skin’s aspect to strengthen it from dryness with a non-greasy feel.

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